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  • Thor Ragnarok Is The Fourth Movie In Marvel's Phase Three,Will It Be For Long?

And Last Week,The MCU Got The Greatest News Ever !Spider Man Has Come Back Home!S o That Meant Spider-Man Only Didn't Have To Be In Captain America:Civil War and Avengers:Infinity War Part I and Avengers:Infinity War Part II.He Needs A Solo-Movie (Or In Other Cases A Reboot.).

But Think About It.Marvel's Phrase Three Is Full.We Can't Get The Reboot Till Phase Four.So That Meant We Need A Spider Man Film,NOW! So Marvel Decided To Cancel A Movie That Wasn't Really Necessary.In My Opinion Thor: Ragnarok and Inhumans Aren't Really Necessary.

Thor: Ragnarok Was Just About An Apocalypse In Asgard,Or Could Have Been About The Cyborg Version Of Thor That Iron Man Made In The Civil War.Now Before The The News Of Spider Man,Craig Kyle and Kevin Feige Announced That The Film Would Be About The Cyborg-Thor,A God In Asgard Would Create.But The News Happen About Spider Man.

So Thor Fans,Sorry No Thor 3.

Gods Cry?
Gods Cry?

So Marvel Decided To CANCEL Thor:Ragnarok.And What Would Replace,OF COURSE,THE SPIDER MAN REBOOT.

So,WE Still Don't Have The Name For The Film,For Right Now It's Untitled.

So This Reboot Will Come Out In July 28,2017.

Spider Man
Spider Man

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