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So, I found out recently about a petition booted up by "fans" for Netflix to cast an Asian actor for the role of Daniel Rand -- aka Iron Fist -- in their upcoming Netflix Series of the same name for the beloved character.


Danny has always been, since his creation, a Caucasian guy with blond hair and blue eyes! Everything that I've read so far among various websites wherein the call for racebending is supported, it's always that dubious race card being pulled.

Despite what opponents say about changing characters’ racial identities, this is a case in which changing Iron Fist’s race has the potential to add depth and layers to an already beloved comic book icon. Moreover, a non-white Iron Fist can also help remove some of the character’s more problematic elements such as Orientalism and cultural appropriation. --18MR petition

Yes, there are a lot, and I do mean A LOT, of Caucasian heroes and characters in general in the [Marvel](channel:932254) comics and comics in general. However, there are also a lot of other characters that of different skin tones and backgrounds. I agree that it seems that much of today's media is extremely whitewashed and the number of fictional characters in movies, on television, in books and in comics aren't quite as ethnically diverse as they should be for this being America, the self-proclaimed melting pot of diversity. I, too, would love to see this change. However, rather than attacking characters who are white and demanding for them to be changed to another race to satisfy your desire for ethnic diversity, why not actually push for characters of color to get more exposure? It is your choice to support the white characters that you, at the same, want to change.

Storm, Falcon, Ultimate Nick Fury, Agent May aka The Calvary, Quake, Luke Cage, Black Panther, Spike, Alex Wilder, Aegis, Goliath, Isaiah Bradley, Monica Rambeau (The first human Captain Marvel), Monica Chang-Fury aka Black Widow, Auric, Blink, Jubilee, Red Wolf - All of them, Puma, Risque, and many more are Marvel comic characters of color and they are amazing characters. If you really want representation of your ethnic group in media, I suggest that you start researching characters of color, which you can find on Wikipedia for black, Native American, and Asian superheroes (a rather long list). Get into them and push for them to be shown.


What are your feelings on characters' races being changed because creators are pressured into it rather than feeling inspired to do so of their own creative muse?


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