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In the latest bit of news that makes me whimper for the state of humanity, a UK TV channel is supposedly making a short documentary reenacting the death of Robin Williams.

If you thought that this story couldn't get any more tasteless, initial reports say that Channel 5 plans to use a French porn star who bears a striking resemblance to Robin to act out all of his final moments. The adult film star, Alain Poudensan who also uses the name Alain Robin when portraying the beloved comedian, even met Robin once, a moment he makes the center of his website.

Alain Poudensan and Robin Williams
Alain Poudensan and Robin Williams

You would think that meeting the person who essentially earns him his living would make him a little bit more compassionate, but I really can't think of anything more offensive than this.

According to the Mirror, the shocking profit-grabbing program will be part of the Channel 5 series Autopsy. As it turns out, Robin Williams is not the first celebrity exploited by this show. The entire premise is concerned with "investigating" final moments of famous people, including Brittany Murphy and Whitney Houston. They even hire actors, like the French porn star, to portray their supposed idea of a celebrity's last hours.

It's one thing to delve into the the mysterious deaths surrounding Michael Jackson and Anna Nicole Smith (and even then, delicacy and tact should be paramount), but it's quite another to reenact an open-and-closed suicide that only occurred six months ago! Robin Williams remains universally beloved, and this is such a slight against his legacy. Considering his family is still reeling and embroiled in a battle over his estate, this just seems like a slap in the face to those who supported him throughout his life.

The Mirror claims that they spoke to a friend of the Williams family, who is hoping public scrutiny will lead to Channel 5 reevaluating their plans for release. At this point, we don't know many details, but all I need to know is the timing for me to feel uneasy. It's simply too soon. Compound the rush with the fact that Poudensan, the alleged actor, looks so much like Robin, and this becomes a downright grotesque spectacle.

If you're outraged about this, please let me know in the comments. Hopefully, with enough outcry, Channel 5 will at least come up with a new approach to remembering Robin Williams' life without exploiting his death.

What are your thoughts about Channel 5's Autopsy documentary on Robin Williams?


Can people sink any lower than this level of exploitation?


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