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Last week, thousands of visitors descended on Indianapolis's Wizard World Comic Con, wrapping up another weekend full of wizardry and comic book mania. Converging to mingle with big names in TV from the world of pop culture and sci-fi, jovial fans took part in events, signings and whole myriad of activities.

One of these was a real-life opportunity to play a game of Quidditch.

For those of you that need reminding, Quidditch is a wizarding sport from the Harry Potter series. Here's a short breakdown of the rules:

  • Players mounting brooms throw balls through elevated ring-shaped hoops to win points. These goal posts are protected by a Keeper.
  • Each team has a Seeker, who pursues a winged golden ball called the Golden Snitch, worth a whopping one-hundred fifty points.
  • Only when the Snitch is caught, or an agreement between the two teams' captains is made, does the game end.

Here's a clip from Harry Potter & The Sorcerer's Stone to give you an insight into how overwhelmingly fast-paced and violent the game can be:

Naturally, in the real-world, despite the absence of any kind of wizarding ability on our part, us non-magic folk are still very determined to adapt the game so we can play too! Instead of flying around on a world-class Firebolt, we have had to make do with using our own two feet, firmly planted on the ground.

Last week, those gracing the Comic Con circuit would have encountered some muggle Quidditch games, and none other than Michael Rooker trying his hand at the wizard's favorite past-time.

The actor, particularly known for his role as blue-skinned extra-terrestrial Yondu in the Guardians of The Galaxy and his portrayal of vile-tempered red-neck and zombie-killing-machine Merle Dixon on The Walking Dead, joined in on the tournament and certainly stayed true to his characters' no-bullshit approach to life.

Rooker plays the dark menaces we all love to hate and in the position of the Golden Snitch, he proved to be just as vicious off as on-screen! He obliterated a Seeker hot on his tail, dodging him with poise and agility, before mercilessly slamming him down onto the ground.

It's insane, check out the footage below:

That is one rough Snitch! You don't meddle with that, especially when you know how deadly Rooker's Merle Dixon can be. When it comes to violence, this guy is top dog so he's never going to be easy to catch or defeat.

Personally, this just makes me like Rooker even more, especially now that he has also expressed a penchant for J.K. Rowling's wizarding series!

Forget TWD, he should have just starred in the Harry Potter franchise!

Just imagine how kick-ass Merle Dixon would be battling against Voldermort, the most powerful Dark Wizard of all time!

Not only has he already been a survivor in a major zombie outbreak (echoing the death-eaters escaping from Azkaban!), but he's an expert hunter and tracker so locating the Dark Lord would be a walk in the park! And let's not forget his hand-blade wielding abilities. Who needs a wand when you already possess one of the deadliest weapons around?

What do you guys think!?


Do you think Merle Dixon would have been a bad-ass in 'Harry Potter?'



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