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There aren't many things out there that carry the same kind of creepy, uncannily lifelike quality as dolls, but some people still insist on making them even worse.

Imgur user BeetleEarrings has a penchant for turning plain old children's toys into horrifying creations, and they shared the latest freaky doll. The artist started out with a commonplace Baby Expressions and ended up with a glassy-eyed Zombie with a thirst for blood. It's just a little acrylic paint, but oh man, what a change.


Instant heebie-jeebies.

This little guy got me on a hunt for more Satanically converted dolls. I guess there's something about the innocence giving way to total terror that makes these inanimate objects especially creepy.

Reanimated Zombie Girl


This lovely lady, who's probably not doing much speaking, was once just a demure porcelain dame. Now, she looks ready to suck your soul out using only a cold, blank stare. She's the work of Evil Geppetto, a.k.a. Lisa Ganci, who's devilishly talented at making the mundane utterly creepy.

Wizened baby

The combination of the young and the old here makes this freaky sight pretty disturbing. This is the type of thing I feel like I would find in an abandoned nursing home somewhere in rural Connecticut.

Kids today

Another marvelous artist, Maryann Mason, converts plain old dolls into terrifying (but cute!) little pals. Her work is incredibly detailed and extremely scary. She somehow makes the dolls look less human but more lifelike.

Chucky's Buddy

Lynn Timm
Lynn Timm

Pinterest user Lynn Timm has created her very own Chucky that is a little too vacant. Why does it always have to be redheads?

Sleepy demon

Another GravenBabies creation, this little guy appears to have been born with some fangs and mature horns. I feel horrible for whatever poor soul went through the pain of birthing him. Well, at least he seems like the type of baby that doesn't mind sleeping the day away. I certainly would not want to see him in a bad mood.

I'm hoping that loads of you are now inspired to take your childhood playthings and convert them into something more suitable to your interests today. Namely, zombies, gore, and horror. Would you ever make these freaky adjustments for a new friend?

What do you think of these recreated dolls?


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