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Tits. Tits. Tits. That is about the whole movie in one word. Many couples went on valentine day in order to watch the movie that millions have been waiting for after the constant change of the actors and also the books. I, myself, have read all three books and went to see it the very next day after it came out. I was full of energy and excitement when I went inside to see it and came out disappointed and in wonder.The beginning of the movie had the right setting and the music as well and it wasted no time in starting. The movie was pronounced to be two hours and 4 minutes long which to me seemed only to play in one hour. There were some good things about this movie, but the bad things were more then the good. Let's start with how it all began-the books. The books were very popular and many people were sucked into the world of BDSM. This series however was called a book just for fun and a piece of crap by none other then the author as my resources tell me. Now after it was announced there would be a movie there was many problems trying to find the actor to play him and keep him since the actors kept changing. Everyone probably thought the same thing, this movie will just be plain porn. It would have been if the French and the USA forbid them to show the true version and instead were asked to cut out all the porn and graphic parts of the movie which probably made it shorter. Now as I said earlier, tits, tits, tits. There is a reason. Throughout the whole movie the lead actress showed all of us her nipples repeatedly through the movie. I kept expecting to see the mans penis any time which didn't happen at all only one quick glance at the pubs he held and that was all. Besides her tits there was ass and chest (from the man as well). Now the man's chest was pretty much alright, but it seemed at the time he was battling rashes or maybe just pimples of some sort. Right Right back to the film. The other good things were the music and setting and lights were great it showed the perfect amount of passion and lust. I felt this helped the movie along the way. Now the bad things about the movie.I felt that the sex scenes should have been a little longer not that I'm a pervert, but they ended too quickly it seemed to only happen in one minute or less which isn't really what it should be. At the climax which is the play room there was more time to see the actual book details, but nothing else beyond that. 2. There were things that were mixed around or not like the book which I really do hate. 3. It most likely disappointed some couples-Hearing of a movie which was basically porn covered in romance??? was probably a way that couples went to be prepared for the night ahead or maybe just feel a tingle down there either for man or woman. Sorry to disappoint, but there was barely anything of that sort there. There wasn't anything that would really cause much of a tingle if there was then it was gone in a flash. 4. It felt more like a romance movie. That shouldn't be a bad thing if it didn't have a reputation to uphold. There seemed to be more love then anything there. Sure the bondage thing might be lust, but the way he treats her is just a possessive and protective boyfriend attitude who happens to be rich the only thing that wasn't romantic was the stalking that was just plain creepy. 5. The characters or actors were a iffy with me, there were some characters that didn't look like what I wanted them to be. Still I think they at least played the personality right. 6. Lastly, the ending. Was there a ending after the credits?If there was sorry I missed it with people rushing out saying "What the hell" or "What the heck" or "What?! What?! Whhhatttttt?!!?!?!" or what I said "What the fuck?!" though it did provide suspense for the next movie everyone was waiting for the next scene which never came. I'm not saying that they shouldn't make the other two since they already started filming and should leave us hanging nope not at all. As I said there were good things and bad things about it like the symbolism in some scenes and stuff and then the gah damn ending. Was it the worst film I ever saw....nope.....was it the was just iffy. Anyways that is all. This is Midnight Wolf Signing off.


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