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Warning: Potential comic book and TV spoilers coming up.

So who the hell is the new guy that turned up unarmed and unannounced at the end of the last episode of The Walking Dead and what exactly does he want?

These are the questions Rick and the group are asking themselves, and from the look of the newly released AMC promo, the answer seems to be that this new guy might be bringing trouble with him - although I think things are not exactly how they seem.

It starts with Aaron being frisked for weapons and being asked why he's here.

Rick checks his bag and comes across some interesting information.

There is photographic evidence that the community Aaron has come from has reinforced walls. But is it all just an elaborate trap?

The promo really ramps up the tension when the car they are driving through plows through a horde of walkers.

And it looks like they might have been ambushed with Rick warning the group, "they are coming."

But who is "they"? Well, check out the trailer for yourself and I'll see you on the other side for some debate.

The promo makes it seem like Aaron is leading the gang into an ambush, and that they are going to have to fight their way out if they want to survive. But I'm pretty sure this is a misdirect.

My theory is that Aaron's intentions are pure and he makes them an offer that changes everything. But, there's something dangerous lurking out in the shadows. It could be a horde of walkers that Rick refers to as "they" or perhaps it could be "the Wolves" that we heard about when they found Noah's community destroyed.

Either way, it looks like bloody trouble for all concerned.

What do you guys think?


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