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In the fourteenth episode of the sixth season of The Vampire Diaries, Jeremy Gilbert leaves the show to the cries of fans all over the world mourning the departure of one of their favorite characters.

For many true fans out there, this marked a rather unusual way for a character to leave the show. Usually, you don't get written out unless you've been staked in the heart or suffered some other untimely death. For Jeremy to leave on his own terms is not only a tribute to his long-standing character, but also to Steve R. McQueen as a brilliant actor.

Yet, as he took off into the night to become a fully-fledged vampire hunter in Sante Fe in the episode ironically named Stay, were you convinced that this was really the last time we would bid farewell to Elena's little brother?

Naturally there has been much speculation about his future return and now, the show's executive producer Julie Plec has addressed the very urgent possibility of spin-off episodes!

So, will Jeremy be returning?

Well, before you explode from excitement, take a death breath for it's not good news. According to Plec, the chances of Jeremy making a comeback are very slim:

"Our decision to say goodbye to Jeremy in the middle of the season was really born out of really wanting to feel like his character made a strong decision in spite of his circumstance. [His departure] couldn’t really line up with Bonnie’s [return], because her journey is never-ending. We don’t know when she’ll be back or what will become of her, so he really needed to make decisions for himself.”

Indeed, it is certainly justified that he had to leave to excel in his own special way and to pursue his own personal destiny. Yet, rest assured that Plec did go on to say:

Jeremy has “a standing invite for weddings, funerals and whatever else comes along."

So clearly he might still be gracing our screens from time to time, just not as a full-time character! Well at least it's something!

However, for those of you who were hoping for a vampire hunter spin-off series this summer, or even a character visit to The Originals, prepare to be very disappointed. Jeremy's big story line has definitely come to an end and all of these possibilities have been completely halted by the writers.

Producer Caroline Dries spoke of the departure as a "grown-up closure," claiming:

"We just really wanted it to feel special but official, too. And, like, we mean it this time."

Luckily, despite vehemently denying spin-off rumors, Plec has also remained very ambiguous about the future, teasing us with a sneaky "you never know!" After all, considering The CW currently already has two spin-off shows on the go, clearly the production team is not averse to juggling numerous projects. At the moment, brand expansions are very popular and if enough viewers desire it, the networks will have to do some very long and hard thinking about changing their minds!

If it was to go ahead, would Jeremy be able to carry off an entire spin-off series?

Understandably, Elena's bro has been a very lovable character since the very first season. We are obviously going to miss his presence very much. However, does he have enough substance as a character to anchor a full spin-off? After all, he has nowhere as near screen-time as the characters of Elena, Damon, Stefan and Caroline.

That's why I'm remaining a bit cautious of plans to go forward with a Jeremy-based spin-off, partly because it might not be a bankable choice for The CW, but also because I would not like to see it fail. After all, considering all Jeremy has been through already, he simply does not deserve that.

Here's hoping I'm wrong and that The CW has an array of awesome plans in store for Steve McQueen! The young actor totally fits the bill of being a CW veteran and looking the superhero part. Due to this, even if he doesn't reappear in a vampire spin-off, I'm certain we will be seeing him in a show of some form very, very soon.

In the meantime, relive Jeremy's influential impact on the show in this tear-jerking 'Goodbye' promo:


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