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For those who still haven't seen [The Babadook](movie:1194465), drop what you're doing, find a dark room, and discover the best horror movie from the past year.

For those who have seen it, you have to check out this brilliant parody made by Horror Report. Considering the children's pop-up book plays such a central role in the story, I guess it was only a matter of time before someone made the connection to the most popular kid's author ever: Dr. Seuss.

If you thought The Babadook couldn't hit closer to home, you have to see it mashed up with one of your childhood favorites.

Let's see how the action goes down, shall we?

The sun did not shine. It was too wet to play.

But a far worse thing was coming for kids that day.

Knock Knock Knock

The bored children get a book.

It's not long before they discover the truth

There's an otherworldly force that feeds on youth.

He'll soon take off his funny disguise

And they'll see evil with their own eyes.

Look now kids, he's right on the mat

It's the one and only Cat in the Hat.

What better way to honor this new suburban horror myth that laying it over one of the most recognizable rhyming books of all time? In all honesty, I think this brief trailer was even better than The Cat in the Hat movie, and now I want some dark retellings of other classic Seuss books. Perhaps starting with Oh, The Places You'll Go mashed up with Hellraiser.

How did you find Dr. Seuss' The Babadook?


Was The Babadook the best horror movie of 2014.


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