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With the fast-approaching release of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1 on Digital HD, a number of exclusive clips and deleted scenes have already been unveiled in advance. Here are a couple that I featured yesterday.

However, another gem has just been dropped on us, this time focusing primarily on poor Peeta, trapped in the menacing clutches on President Snow.

In this deleted scene from the film, Peeta is in a relatively good state (in comparison to his condition at the end of the film!) and in this meeting with President Snow, he remains pretty feisty. Let's take a look!

President Snow is re-watching Peeta share a moment with Katniss

His granddaughter interrupts, because the "rabid fan" that she is, she wants to meet Peeta. A sly reference to the fanatic race to access the clip, I suppose?

Peeta comes to speak with President Snow

He claims that he called him here to thank him for the success of his interview.

Snow compares Peeta to Katniss, praising his character

Apparently, he was always "less impulsive" than her and Snow rests the weight of the civil war on his shoulders.

The President refers to Peeta as a "symbol," a friend who can aid him in influencing those he cannot reach

As a "baker's son," Peeta is perfect for this.

Peeta asks what is required of him

Is he to be the "voice of reason?"

"You’ve understood everything but one small detail. I’m not asking.”

Totally sends a shiver down my spine!

Here is the video in full. Let me know what you think!

Now that you've seen it, be thankful that you managed to access it so easily. When it was first released on Monday, Lionsgate sent fans on a whirlwind chase through the Internet and only those with advanced skills in binary code, HTML and with exceptional hash-tagging capabilities could locate it. This was all until it was leaked on Tumblr and was posted on the movie's Twitter account, of course.

So, what do you think?

Was this scene important? Should it have been kept in the original movie? Let me know in the comments below!


What did you think of the scene?



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