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Mass Effect 4 information continues to come in dribs and drabs for fans of the series. So far, we're aware that Bioware's return to this universe will not be titled Mass Effect 4, that it will take place in a whole new region of space with races we're familiar with and the Mako will once more play a role in our navigation of the worlds we encounter.

Additionally, we're aware that we'll have the option to play as a human, with the added possibility of playing as additional races like Turians and Krogans. But one aspect of the game that Bioware continues to hide from us (aside from the title's release date for the Xbox One and PS4) is the proposed timeline for ME4. Could it take place during Shepard's lifetime?

Mass Effect 4 & Reapers?
Mass Effect 4 & Reapers?

Mass Effect 4 Timeline During Shepard's Life?

A while back, a few fans of Mass Effect put forward the idea of Mass Effect 4 being set during the life of Commander Shepard and I never really entertained the notion. But perhaps my adoration for Metal Gear Solid has awakened an idea in my mind for how exactly this idea may work in the context of the next game.

We've already seen how Mass Effect 4 could be led by the child of Shepard, but how exactly would this be a possibility during his lifetime? If we followed this notion of playing as Shepard's offspring, then I shall take a leaf out of Kojima's work with Metal Gear Solid and Solid Snake's relation with Big Boss.

Mass Effect
Mass Effect

We've already seen that Shepard was brought back to life in Mass Effect 2 by the Illusive Man after the destruction of the Normandy. But what if, during the time that he was comatose, Shepard was actually cloned and that Cerberus created a male and female child of the trilogy's protagonist. It's a pretty crazy idea, but it would allow us to play as a male or female character in Mass Effect 4, one that could meet the other sibling in the course of the game.

They'd have been sent to another planet in a different part of space and after the collapse of the Mass Relays and Shepard's dealings with the Reaper's, their real journey begins. Our story could start after this climactic moment and we'd get to see how the world changes after our decisions we made in Mass Effect 3.

Mass Effect 4 & the Mako
Mass Effect 4 & the Mako

It's an idea, albeit a bit of stretch. But it would tie in with how Bioware ensured us that we should hold onto our Mass Effect save files and would allow us to see the direct results of our actions in the conclusion of ME3. What do you guys think? Could we see a new galaxy set during the concluding days of Mass Effect 3? Where would you like to go on Mass Effect 4's release date for the Xbox One and PS4?

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