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In 1939 Batman first appeared in Detective Comics #27 created by Bob Kane, and Bill Finger.Batman then became one of DC's biggest superheros, possessing no superhuman abilities,he relied on technology and his training Batman became Gotham City's protector .

Two years latter in 1941 in More Fun Comics #73 Green Arrow first appeared created by Mort Weisinger and George Papp. During the Golden Age Oliver Queen was a famous archaeologist specializing in native American culture (not important to us now), so then came the Silver Age and the story was completely altered, Oliver was a billionaire playboy who fell of his cruise ship and got stranded on starfish island (which latter on became Lyan Yu in the 2012 TV series).Anyway here starts my comparison . :)

Batman and Green Arrow.

DC already had their playboy billionaire who is always there for his city, always there for us fans, so why create another ?!, come on ! being an archaeologist isn't that bad he could have had his own story line and future in this AMAZING universe, why make him just a copy of Batman ?! to be fair i didn't notice till i saw the TV series it all made no sense i felt i was watching a reboot of Batman he even had some of Bat's villains, want an example ?? RAZ'AL GHOUL, i don't know whether the comics did it or not but i know the series did.

Something else, although they started off with different methods in dealing with criminals they eventually got to the same "NO KILLING CODE", come on take a look at Batman's nemesis THE JOKER he never killed him, he always handed him over to the police, and Oliver he eventually came around and stopped killing.

Robin and Roy Harper.

He has a ROBIN !!!!!, who do you think Roy Harper is in Arrow's life ?, his trainee we all know that, but come to think of it Roy became his right hand, his helper, he took on every mission, he cared for him, he was family.And what was Robin to Bruce ?!.

Exactly FAMILY, the last Robin i know of was Damian Wayne, Bruce's SON, he was LITERALLY family.Another similarity between the two superheros.

Police Force.

Gotham City's detective Jim Gordon and Starling City's detective Quentin Lance are so much alike that one can replace them and we might not notice. They both built their career on saving lives and doing their best for the people of their city, then comes a vigilante and started taking down criminals one by one, which they found against the law since he took'em in an unlawish way !! :).

But they finally came around and started helping them instead of chasing after them nonstop .

Another similarity ?, i think it is.


starting with Deadshot and China White (who appeared as soon as episode 3 of season 1), till Deathstroke and Raz' Al Ghoul, batman's villains started appearing one by one in Green Arrows life, COME ON !!! we got started with similarities FFS !!! Amanda Waller the one who started the SUICIDE SQUAD, i don't know about you, but i knew her from batman's stories and movies why does she appear in another city all of a sudden, doesn't make sense to me.


If you have seen the series then you must have seen in season 2 when Waller introduced the SUICIDE SQUAD that for a brief second Joker's EX doctor current deranged lover Harley Quinn appeared, we didn't see her but we heard her voice, it can't be mistaken for another,she was voiced by ''Teen Titans'' star Tara Strong, if you missed it go back and hear it :).

Now a question remains Is the joker gonna appear on the Arrow series, cuz i've never seen Harley alone, the joker always makes an appearance with her even if for a few seconds, and if he showed up is Batman gonna show up, or is Oliver gonna face them alone ?!!!.

Time will tell, we'll just have to wait and see :)

Here is a picture of Amanda Waller and Harley Quinn in Arrow season 2.

So now that i'm done, i have one question.Why would DC do that,why create two superheros with the same........everything ?!!!

Anyway,thanks for reading, hope you guys enjoyed this, i know i enjoyed writing it, BTW this is my first review ever, i am used to writing short stories so cut me some slack, plus i am open for any ideas to improve my writing, and any ideas to write about.



Did you like it ? please leave a comment if you don't, it's my first so go easy on me, okay !!


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