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Divyansh Singh

Rumors were there that andrew garfield will not be playing the spider man role.

here are 3 such reasons that will make you realize that he can still come back!!

#1. No written document

It is still not confirmed if he'll be a part of upcoming spider man movies or not because no such agreement has been made.

#2. Civil War isn't far away

Spidey will be there in cap3 most probably and cap3 isn't far away. It will be out next summer and in such a short time period, its nearly impossible to find a replacement.

#3. Fan Favorite

Garfield was loved by the spectators and he was the best spider man till date.

Fans would go mad if he is replaced. The way he did his stunts, he showed his emotions, in short his everything was perfect.

So cheer up peeps, its not confirmed yet. He is the best choice!!


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