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Remember that Killing Joke reference in episode one of Gotham? You know, the one with the comedian? Well he might actually be making a return, just not as a comedian.

In the graphic novel The Killing Joke, Batman's most notorious laughing rival is given a origin story. A failed comedian trying to support his pregnant SO by doing stand up comedy is given the chance to make a mark by committing crime under the alias The Red hood.

Now during episode one of Gotham we got a pretty good look at a comedian who was working for Fish Mooney. It just so happens that he wasn't very good. We haven't seen him since.

As it got later in the series and we forgot about him, the shows producers decided to give us a little tease with the trailer for "The Blind Fortune Teller" where the whole trailer leads up to a single line "Gotham's Next Villain...Is No Joke" And it cuts to Jim Gordon asking a young man if he knows why he is there. Looking up at the camera and laughing, I thought (or most of us did) that he was totally the Joker. The episode aired and at the end we find out that:

The young man from the trailer had killed his mother and then was told how to frame a satanic cult that was no longer active by a blind fortune teller which we later find out is the boys father.

Now, when we find this out the boy's whole attitude changes, he goes from looking scared and confused to cold and angry, the actions and the way he spoke reminded me a lot of Heath Ledgers performance. But also had that Mark Hamil playfulness that I felt Ledger could have done more with.

Now most of us thought that he was either the joker or someone under the influence of Jokers laughing gas. But when next Monday's trailer aired I had a complete 180 with the "WHAAAAAAA-" factor. In case you haven't seen it here it is:

Yeah, the "Red Hood" in the trialer? Could that actually be our Joker? More so, could it be the comedian from episode one? Lets hope so. The only problem us the age. Joker and Batman need to be around the same age. Or do they? Couldn't we see a Joker that's 15 to 20 years tops older than Bruce? It would make sense seeing as how we don't see a Joker but rather Jokers in Batman Beyond. He might already be dead by the time Bruce is around 50. So it's entirely possible and I think it would be awesome.

What else do we see in the trailer?

For one Bruce is definately gonna be training more, and to be honest it doesn't look like he hits like a child anymore rather he punches to hurt. So more brutal training? Also he's gonna be chased again? Mabey him stepping into Wayne Enterprise has caused some employees to become worried and want him gone. And what could Zaas have done to the one guy (his name escapes me at the moment) in his basement to make him so brainwashed? Maybe he isn't brainwashed and it's part of Falcone's plan to get rid of Penguin. Plus Fish Mooney is getting more and more interesting now that she isn't running everything (though she totally seems like she is).

I don't know about you guys but I am excited for next Monday.


What do you think? Could the comedian be our Red Hood and Joker?


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