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Hey fans and fellow Creators! As every movie-loving being is already aware, the biggest night in the entertainment industry is closing in: this Sunday 22nd Feb is the 87th Annual Academy Awards. I'm so excited about this year's line-up that I just can't wait until Sunday to find out if the rest of you agree with my predictions!

So I figured: why not ask the Moviepilot fans to predict the outcomes before the Academy does?

Try to vote for the movie to think WILL win, rather than the one you think SHOULD win (unless they are one and the same, of course). I want to see how close we come to actually predicting the unpredictable!

Note: I didn't include every nomination, just those that are more highly contested.

Let's do this!


Best Picture


Best Actor


Best Actress


Best Supporting Actor


Supporting Actress




Animated Feature

If you're not already a creator, feel free to join the party here!

You can enter our competition to WIN an X-Box or a Playstation (your choice) and 2 games, just for writing a creative post about the Oscars!


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