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Honestly, Cameron Monaghan deserves an Oscar for his performance on Gotham. At the beginning of the episode "The Blind Fortune Teller", I really did think the whole episode was going to be boring, they introduced Jerome as a clown of the circus, but I wasn't really catching it. When, it started closing in towards the ending , and they pulled Jerome into the interrogation room... I knew the villainous laugh was coming.

So, when they were in the interrogation room, It was revealed that Jerome A.K.A. "The Joker" killed his mother, and he killed her because she was a "Nagging Drunken Whore". This scene really showed that he wasn't all nice and quiet Jerome, It showed that he truly was the Psychotic Clown Prince that we have all known and loved for the past 80 years. Now, that laugh.. OH THAT LAUGH! I got goosebumps as I was watching this scene! Show writers revealed also, that they are not telling us that Jerome is the Joker, all they have said is that they will introduce the Origins of The Joker, but come on now, We ALL KNOW THAT IS THE CLOWN PRINCE OF CRIME. We are coming down to the last 5 episodes of Gotham, where they will shortly introduce the Infamous Red Hood. I cant wait to see more of the joker honestly.. Can you??


Is Cameron Monaghan really the Joker?


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