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From the genius mind of author Clive Barker came The Hellbound Heart, the original story of Hellraiser. The Cenobites were meant to be catalysts of the story, never the main focus. But we all see how that went...

Many people know and love the classic 1987 horror film for the Cenobites, the ruthless, slightly terrifying bringers of pain. The most famous of them all was Pinhead...who was originally credited as "Lead Cenobite." He was never meant to be a huge part of the story, however, when people saw his disposition and fabulous costume and makeup, they felt as though he was the star of the show, instead of Uncle Frank and Kirsty (who wasn't Rory's daughter in the book!).

Flash forward: The Hellbound Heart has become one of Barker's most well-known works of literature. Hellraiser has become one of the biggest horror franchises of all time, reeling in over $55 million in box office revenue. Pinhead has become one of the horror community's most beloved antagonists, among the likes of Pennywise, Freddy, Jason, and Michael. Although the franchise itself began going downhill a few films in, especially with Hellraiser: Revelations, the most recent installment. There can only be one actor to play Pinhead, and that is Doug Bradley. Just saying.

But according to Mr. Barker...this could be the end of our beloved Pinhead. He released a statement about his newest novel, titled The Scarlet Gospels, in which Pinhead is going to die, or at least disappear. Yes, he spoiled it for all of us, and I may or may not have cried a little bit (I mean hey, I have a tattoo of a pin on my neck because of how much I love myself some Pinhead).

Here's that quote (sorry if you're sensitive to profanity, I'm not going to alter his quote):

"One of the things I'm trying to do in the story with D'Amour and Pinhead is, I actually want to kind of make Pinhead feel fucked. I want people to make fools of him as he breathes his last and with no hope of resurrection. No sequels. I swear the way he's going - I have plotted this - the way he's going is so total, is so complete that the most optimistic film producer in Hollywood could never dream of resurrecting him! So I'm going to 'off' him, and I want the audience to say, 'Good'."

I respect his decision, as I believe we all should. We don't want another Hellraiser: Revelations.


While it's disappointing to see one of the most incredible, almost invincible antagonists in horror history go, Barker is the genius here, and we are all just his puppies, following his every beautiful, smart move.

If you need me, I'll be in mourning. I'll love you forever, Pinhead.


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