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This article is a follow up to my some what popular second article that states a theory of why Domhnall Gleeson should play Luke Skywalker's son in The Force Awakens.

I was asked to spin another theory on who Domhnall Gleeson will be playing in the film if he is not the son of Luke or Tarkin. I am happy to say i have another theory.

For those of you who have not been keeping up with Gleeson's character, he is an imperial commandant who has defected from the Rebellion. Through out the film, Gleeson is attempting to destroy two major weapons on both the Rebels side and the Empire. Also it has been said that he is the son of "an important character".

There has been much speculation that this character is also the son of Luke Skywalker. While this makes sense, it might not be the case, considering the fact that for most of the movie and some of the time before Luke is in completely isolated exile.

I have come up with a second theory as to who he is if he is not a Skywalker spawn. I believe that Gleeson could be the son of Max von Sydow's cyborg Rebel veteran.

If Gleeson is starting out as a rebel, it would make sense for his father to be a Rebel veteran. Maybe Gleeson's defection made von Sydow's character leave the Rebellion and retire on Tatooine. Or maybe von Sydow's character defected with his father and became an imperial spy and informant. There are rumors that von Sydow calls the shocktroopers to Tatooine after he tells Rey about the lightsaber.

The only flaw in this theory is von Sydow may not be considered "an important character". All he is rumored of doing is telling Rey what the lightsaber is and sends her away on her journey to find Luke.

There is so much mystery surrounding Star Wars 7: The Force Awakens, and it will be a long, hard wait until December when everything will be revealed( that is if Disney doesn't give it a summer release date like we all are hoping they will).

Let me know what you all think and may the force be with yall.


Who's side is Gleeson on?


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