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So we all know that the likelihood is Spider-Man's first appearance in the MCU will be Captain America 3: Civil War next year. But what we also know is that time is limited for squeezing Spider-Man in, so his role is also somewhat limited. Now when you think of Spider-Man being in Civil War (or Civil War itself) the first thought to pop into most people's head is the famous unmasking scene where, for those not familiar with the comic, Peter Parker reveals his secret identity to the whole world to prove he is all for the Superhero registration act. It truly is one of the most important parts of the book, and what makes it so important is how it is Spider-Man who does so, due to him valuing his secret alter ego so much and revealing it despite that.

But the big question is, will this happen in the film adaption; Captain America 3: Civil War? Now at first thought you would think yes. But when you consider everything else the answer is not so clear. Firstly, there are no secret identities currently in the MCU, Iron Man revealed his identity, SHEILD files were publicly revealed, Hulk has destroyed multiple places and Thor/Captain America never had one in the first place. Now even if Black Panther has one, and so does [Ant-Man](movie:9048) that is not enough to build two sides for Civil War. So because of this, the film is based around who the superheroes should report to now that *CAP 2 SPOILER ALERT* Shield no longer exists. Now without the secret identities coming into play Spider-Man unmasking himself to the world would not have nearly as much impact as it should.

Secondly, doing so would remove a big part of future Spider-Man movies. Him dealing with his double life. Spider-Man's part in Civil War is likely to serve one purpose; establish him to the MCU. So if he is established in Civil War and then removes his identity before even one Marvel Studios Spider-Man film is out, the first MCU Spidey flick is limited on approach. Along with this, we would lose something that could finally be introduced to the MCU, SECRET IDENTITIES! Even the comics eliminated the fact his identity was public. This is all because secret identity is the most important thing to Peter Parker and by getting rid of this just as he is introduced means that [Marvel](channel:932254) cannot do their first Spider-Man film based around Peter Parker being in high school and balancing his two lives (which is reportedly what Marvel plans). In a perfect world we would have had a couple of MCU Spidey films to establish the character and then he would unmask in Captain America 3, but sadly this isnt true. But what I picture the perfect Spider-Man film as is exactly what Ive heard Marvel is doing, portraying the balance between his double life.

Finally, [Black Panther](movie:9047) was originally taking Spider-Man's place in the film of switching between Iron Man and Captain America's sides. So is there really place for Spider-Man to do much but cameo? And would he need more than a cameo? If the film was originally able to be done without Spider-Man he clearly isnt necessary to the story when it comes to the film. So rather than squeezing him in just because they can, Marvel are likely to fit ol' webhead with a small part to play so the film isnt overcrowded with all the other supporting characters already announced.

Will Black Panther have a secret identity?
Will Black Panther have a secret identity?

Now all this isn't to say the iconic scene should not be in the film in some form or another. What I would personally love to see is Spidey having a small introductory role and Black Panther having a secret identity with HIM doing the iconic unmasking scene instead of Peter Parker. Exactly how it was done in the comics but with Black Panther removing his mask to the TV camera's to state he has nothing to hide and does not care to report to someone as a superhero. He then later on switches sides to help Captain America. This then sets up the Black Panther's solo movie. The film could be him returning to Wakanda and the effects of him revealing his identity and the effects it has to his home, as his former villains (Klaw) would want to attack those closest to him.

So what do you think, should Spider-Man unmask in [Captain America: Civil War](movie:994409) if it means no secret identity for Parker in future films? Should Black Panther unmask instead? And what kind of role will Spider-Man have?


Should Spider-Man Unmask in Captain America:Civil War?


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