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There are hundreds of variations of the clown prince of crime. But here are some of the best Jokers in this poll to me and many others.Both comics and movies are in this poll.

Death of a family:First one in the line up is my personal favorite variation:

The death of the family Joker . He is by far the most determined Joker. This version is demented on its own rights.He creates chaos to prove just how weak batman is and how his kingdom needs him to be the dark knight.

Jack Nicholson:

The next incarnation of the Joker from Tim Burton's batman and he is Jack Nicholson. This Joker is properly the most common Joker in this poll.People know him as being insane and had a killer back story.But there are several holes in this Joker.

  • He is a creative genius but he is never used again as this man did fall off a helicopter ladder to his death.Thanks to batman but this is why I don't care for this version due to the fact it makes batman the cause of his Joker's death.

Heath ledger:

The coolest version of the Joker is the man who everyone thought was a terrible choice because no one thought in their dream of dreams he would do it so great and without him The dark knight would have been terrible.


Killing Joke:

This version is the history of the clown prince of crimes sort of.Because Joker never really has a back story and that's why he is a capable villain.


Who is the best version of the Joker?


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