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Robyn Hollins

I, like many other X-men fans dreamed about having an awesome mutant power so I have narrowed it down to some of my favorites That I think some characters should have.
1. Your voice has the ability to sing the sweetest music and the most beautiful notes. This can then sort of hypnotize people in order for you to run or attack them of guard.

2. I have always wondered what animals were thinking. So It would be awesome to have...The ability to talk to animals.

3. Being able to blow wind from mouth and make people go flying. That would be awesome.

4. My favorite is definitely the Ability to turn into any animal. So you could turn into an eagle and fly or become a beetle and creep in private meeting for example.

5. There should also be the ability to shoot bullets out of fingers, like you did as a kid and made an imaginary gun :D

6. I know that this one is related to The Incredibles but the ability to be stretchy Hell YEAH!!!!!

7. I have picked is someone who can stop gravity with in a certain circle around them slamming the enemies into the ceiling.

8. Octopus tentacles as hair so that they can just grow super quick and grab people without you moving.

9. In modern day people always Lie. So I would have the ability to tell if people are telling a fib or not :D

If you have any cool ideas for epic mutant powers please let me know in the comments below :D


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