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After cosplay photos of him dressed as Marvel's Ultimate Spider-Man (Miles Morales) hit the web. Nikolas A. Draper-Ivey has become one of the internet's most talked about people! The 22-year-old from Detroit, Michigan is a freelance comic book artist for several indie companies but hopes to one day work with big boys! As of right now Nikolas is working on a cool series called Tephlon Funk written by Stephane Metayer.

The series looks sick! It reminds me a lot of Afro Samurai which had a combination of Hip-Hop subculture and Japanese Samurai culture. I really hope this series pulls through because this looks top notch. Nikolas also mentions that he has his own personal projects in the works. He wouldn't tell me exactly what they were, but I'm sure it's going to be good so I'm definitely looking forward to whatever he puts out.





I'm here with the real life Miles Morales; Nikolas A. Draper-Ivey! It's a pleasure to finally speak with you.


The pleasure's all mine. Thanks for having me!


How does it feel to be internet famous? All eyes are on you in the comic book community ever since your interview with Buzzfeed.

Honestly, I'm just a normal guy. I spend my time drawing and studying comics and film for storytelling. I will say that becoming known for an iconic comic character is crazy and definitely made me stand for something even more. Not just as an artist, but as a person. Plus, it's kinda cool to walk into a comic shop and some people recognize you after two minutes of talking to you. It's mostly quiet, though.

Speaking of comic book shops, what got you so interested in superheroes in the first place? For me it was my father introducing me to Billy Zane's The Phantom and Batman comics/1989 movie.

I think it began as a child like most people. I would read, draw, and I loved to pretend to be cooler than I actually was. I was always using my imagination, but sometimes that would get me in trouble. [laughs]

[Laughs] Right on. As an artist could you explain the emotions and feelings you were going through when you noticed Sara Pichelli, I repeat THE SARA PICHELLI! Commented on one of your photographs saying - "You're perfect!" I would've fainted! (Illustrator of Miles Morales, The Ultimate Spider-Man Comics)

Oh, you have no idea. Sara is one of my artistic influences as well, when she commented I was on a high and immediately my friends and I thought about fulfilling the running joke and getting me a suit. About a year later or so I met her at NYCC (New York City Comic-Con) and she signed the mask itself! When she met me, she was drinking something at her booth and I surprised her. She almost spit out her drink. [laughs] I then took off the mask and before I could even put it back on she had walked from behind her booth and hugged me and repeated, "You're perfect!" She did a sketch for me, of Miles (Because you know) and while she was doing that, I began to tear up because I had been through a lot and could only thank God and my friends for keeping me alive to experience this. THAT story is for another time though!

It's 2015 and we've seen the character of Miles Morales grow tremendously! He's on an animated TV series now the only thing next is to see him hit the big screen. Sony and Marvel have already come to an agreement that Spider-Man will be used for Captain America 3: Civil War. Do you think we'll see Miles web-slinging alongside Peter in theaters? I mean it makes sense to me. We already have Samuel L. Jackson as Ultimate Nick Fury in the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe).

I think it's more than possible, I've been pushing for this since I read the comics. Being a fan of the ultimate universe and 616 universe, I put two and two together. They say that the MCU is a mixture of both. I've thought of HOW they can give Miles a moment to shine in without taking the attention way from Peter Parker? Here's what I came up with. When Spider-Man reveals his identity to the public, it's broadcasted all over and IT'S HUGE! Times Square, a TV in Starbucks, a college classroom and then cuts to a humble Brooklyn apartment where we see a boy holding a plate of food going to eat dinner. When he sees the reveal on TV and says nothing but is clearly stops in his tracks for two seconds. He says nothing, instead he is called by one of his parents. "Miles, quit pacing and come eat!" (By that tone, it could be Miles' father) Then you end the scene. That way you have two special revealing scenes for the audience. Plus with Secret Wars coming out, I wouldn't be surprised. If not, I'll continue to put on this suit myself and push for it to happen. [laughs]. It's more than possible to make this happen. Cameo Miles. Keep the attention on Peter.

I like his answer.

I love it! Two more questions. What superhero film are you most excited to watch and what's next for Nikolas A. Draper-Ivery?

Iā€™m excited for everything leading up to Infinity War.... Including Infinity War itself. Unless I get a phone call to make a cameo appearance as Miles. Which would be a dream come true and is probably the biggest thing I've ever asked for in my life! I'll just be doing my thing drawing comics and living in New York. I'm happy to have made some kind of small impact though. I'm excited to see what the future holds and I hope it inspires more people to do what they love.
Nikolas as Miles Morales
Nikolas as Miles Morales

I really hope you get the opportunity, man. You hear that Sony? Give Nikolas a chance. Let a brotha' get some screen time as Spider-Man! It was a pleasure to interview you, Nikolas, and I wish you nothing but the best.

And also to you. Thank you so much for the interview!


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Nikolas wanted to share his cosplay photos with all of Moviepilot so definitely check them out below! Also, you can follow/message him on Instagram, Facebook and Tumblr too. A big shoutout to Pierre Brevard, Nyres Colbert, Ameer Carter and Nathaniel Thompson for the amazing Cosplay photographs below. Another big shoutout to Jesse Covington and Sasha Williams for creating the badass Miles Morales, Spider-Man suit for Nikolas.




Two Words: Secret Wars...



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