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Can you remember the time when you first watched the Lord of the Rings and everything was green and happy? Frodo was laughing, and little hobbits were running around yelling, and Hobbiton was a flurry of action?

Those times were great, so I present to you the best Lord of the Rings youtube videos ever made.

Return to the Shire - Play On In New Zealand

This movie definitely captures the brightness and happiness of the shire, though it is lacking in the merry festivities of hobbits. Still, though, what a great way to go back and remember the Lord of the Rings.

The Most Epic Safety Video Ever Made

Because this video is simply that awesome. Not only do they bring back the original Lord of the Rings cast but you get the sets, orcs, and flying eagles from the movie too! If only I was flying to New Zealand sometime...

An Unexpected Briefing

Although not quite as epic as the first New Zealand flight video, this one still has impressive costumes, a Peter Jackson cameo, a gollum cameo, and some great music. I'm still convinced I have to fly to New Zealand some day...

The Last Goodbye

Lastly, if this doesn't make you cry, you're likely dead inside. This is the mother of all Lord of the Rings youtube movies. I get so many feels after watching this.

So there you have it! Are you inspired to watch the movies straight in a row? Who wishes Middle Earth wasn't done? I do.


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