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Dalton Lee

For all of you who know and have been watching the Arrow it has been a very wild and bumpy ride for team Arrow this season. New Photos has been Recently leaked with our beloved Roy Harper wearing not his ultra badass red Arsenal suit but his Mentors less bad ass but still very cool Green Arrow suit. Many theories has been put out recently on why he could possibly be wearing the suit.

Theory One- Maybe Oliver Queen knows that the league of assassins arn't going to stop coming for him until he's dead and Sarah Lances Real killer is dead as well which would make that his sister Thea being the one who killed Sarah and all. So Oliver knowing that he takes even more of an interest into his Sidekick Arsenal to train him even further to take up his mantle as the Arrow now why would he do that you ask well because sense the league of assassins or most likely never going to stop coming for him his sister and Malcolm can't for get good old Malcolm Merlyn Oliver makes the decision to take him and his sister and get out of dodge for a while. I know what your thinking but what about the picture of the two people dressed as the Arrow fighting each other why would they do that well like i said he probably is training Arsenal more thoroughly to take up his mantle as the Arrow.

Theory Two- Maybe After Captain Lance gets the news of Sarah's (his Daughter) untimely death he takes his Anger out on the Arrow and tasks the whole police force into finding him and taking him down so instead Roy harper puts on an alike Arrow suit and goes to turn him self in as the vigilante known as the Arrow.

Which ever the case may be I'm sure its going to be just as mind blowing as the theories us fans can come up with.


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