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I was really sceptic the first time I watched this series on my TV, I was pretty sure would be just the last of the weird series made just to to something fast that could make some people gain money. It just needed three minutes of the show to change my mind, forever.

To make me go crazy, I swear on God the day after I seen the show I ran to my friends house to show them this TV Series. House of Cards is just the word of a genius, there are a few wrong things, for example Frank Underwood seems the only clever people in the whole parliament, but after some episode you understand that is not like that, you just get that he is the only one with enough bravery and leadership to do what he is doing. When you watch House of Cards you just go into a Political world you would never expect to love, you just want to see what will Frank do in the next episode, you can't get enough of it.

Being honest, House of Cards is just the love of my life. I love the screenplay who is full of drama and genius quotes who makes the main character like an evil but fair leader, I love the way the entire thing been directed and the costumes too, is no more a TV Series, is a gash of reality.

Kevin Spacey will blown your minds with his incredible acting, keeping the attention on his moves and talking slow enough to be a fascinating and creepy character at the same time, a thing that will made you fall in love to it.

What can I say? I'm waiting for the third season.
What? You didn't seen the first two seasons? Man, fly in your room and turn Netflix on, this is a pure masterpiece.


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