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A week ago my best friend sent me a video on Facebook of a Californication's scene, I had not even wasted my time watching that because I thought that this TV show were kind of a "The O.C." Spin-Off. I was wrong, even if sometimes I ask myself if I really was.

My first approach to this show was a "I know I will watch five minutes of this s**t and then throw my laptop out of the window.", after two episodes I got into the story and I like it really much, this is surely not a show you have to see if you want to wait wedding to have sex, if you think that drugs are wrong and evil and that writers are always behind their desk working on something. You need to watch it if you like trash things with crazy stuff happening every single episode and if you just like to say "What?!" or "Oh man this guy is just the most awesome person ever walked on earth.". Let's go to the story, Hank Moody is a writer, he lost his inspiration and he moved to L.A. because his book "God Hates us all" is going to become a movie, and that guy makes the audience understand that is not going to be a great one, surely it doesn't share the same message of Hank's book. So the series, until I saw is located in the city of Angels where we see six main characters, Hank, his former wife, his daughter, his manager with wife and a girl called Mia.
Basically Hank has to live in Los Angeles hating that city and trying to get his wife back while he is pretty busy hating almost everyone in the world, hired to write a blog called Hell-A, who hates because it doesn't represent the real meaning of writing, I almost forgot Hank releases his frustration having sex with almost every woman he met.

I won't talk about the acting since is a kind of show that doesn't require a lot of abilities in acting, I gave an 8 to this show because is quite brilliant, if you write a lot you could recognize yourself in the main character, you will find a lot of similar situations the actual world of writing, and I'm so happy about it because, talking straight, I was tired about the old fashioned movie of the writer who is a failure until he meets the woman of his life and write a bestseller with the power of love.

This show is truth: Love struggling, cumshots, drugs and real writing.
But that doesn't mean is perfect, sadly some scene is overly romantic and ruins the whole trash of the Show, you take the risk to say "Man, what am I watching?" feeling like a 14 years old girl watching a teen drama, but that lasts for two minutes or a little more, so man be strong, you will get back to Hank's world soon.

So guys, I just advice you to give a try to Hank and his family, watching one episode or two of this show who sadly has the high possibilities to be confused to something as bad as The O.C., Californication is something that you can love or hate, beside the mistake the creators did in some scene.
Direct, I like that.


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