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For a filmmaker making films has never been an uncomplicated task, therefore his/her responsibilities will always be not-so-easy to define. Though, we know for sure that a director, like a producer, is the boss, whom is assigned to oversee not just the process of making his film, but also the safety of his/her cast and crew, no matter where the shooting is taking place. It is true, as some of us are cognizant, knowledgeable about a few things here and there when it comes to making films, that that directors tend to have different ideas – I've said it many times among friends that every filmmaker is different just as every painter is. But, when it comes to the safety of his/her cast and crew, it is not the artistic creativity of the director we're talking about.

As we know, director Sam Mendes is busy directing the new James Bond film, [Spectre](movie:660009), and last week, Sony Pictures Entertainment, divulged the first look at Daniel Craig as James Bond and also a behind-the-scenes footage in which some of the cast and crew members talk about their experience being in the mountains of Austria. But for Mendes and his team shooting Spectre has been a bit bumpy, as much as fun, for Daniel Craig earlier during the month (via Deadline), returned to shooting after a knee injury. They were in Pinewood Studios based in the United Kingdom, however, according to the same report, the filmmakers didn't lose any time or filming days.

I'm glad that Daniel's injury was not severe – they continued shooting a week later with him. However, safety factor on the set of Spectre remains to be insecure as The Hollywood Reporter today reports another accident during the shoot while filming in Solden, Austria, where a camera truck veered off the road and crashed into a barn, seriously injuring at least one crew member.

Second unit assistant director Terry Madden, who had also worked on the previous James Bond films Skyfall, Quantum of Solace and Casino Royale, was injured in the accident, suffering multiple fractures, according to those sources. Madden has worked on every Bond film since 1981’s For Your Eyes Only.

What's essential here is definitely the safety, first and foremost – what director Sam Mendes, his crew, especially 1st AD, whom is responsible for safety onset, is to learn from the Sarah Jones incident, a camera assistant who was killed a year ago, February 20th, to be exact, when she was hit by a train in Georgia while making Midnight Rider.

I'm by no means questioning the knowledge, competence of the director or his respective crew's, it's just that, accidents happen, but they can be eschewed, if we remain cautious.


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