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I had told people that my next article was going to be a sports movie one, then I found this one, one that had tempted me with its trailer for months and yet I had never actually sat down and watched it for one reason or another. Tonight I watched Saving Mr. Banks and was astounded by the reactions and the attachments you build with the people it portrays.


The story focuses around the author of the Mary Poppins books and how Walt Disney went through years of trying to build a movie version to conclude a promise he had made to his young daughters 20 years prior to bring the character to life.

The author Pamela Travers or as she is referred to for most of the movie P. L. Travers is a very prim and proper lady upon meeting. Played by the talented Emma Thompson, the reason that she is finally willing to meet with Disney and his boys to make a film adaptation of her books is due to the financial situation she finds herself in. From the first meeting you as the audience can see that it is going to be an arduous task, she does not make anything easy for Disney studios or for Tom Hanks wonderful take on the man himself Walt Disney.

She establishes from the get go that there is to be none of the things that we now know and love and associate with the movie. I mean I can't be the only one who was sincerely touched by the woman feeding the birds and letting us see that it takes so little to give so much...right? That being said, the task of getting through the script and the music that had been created was slow going.

Now it isn't all about the making of the movie, as it goes on we get glimpses into the people who made up Miss. Travers younger life and what has led not only to her writings but the manner in which she carries herself. Her father, played by Colin Farrell, shows a man who encourages her to not only create stories and use her imagination but can be seen in several scenes playing with his children. It makes one pause and wonder what happening could have caused such a young hopeful heart to turn so cold and controlling?

As the movie goes on and you start to let your inner child take hold hearing the music coming around and taking form, you start to see what truly made our leading lady the way she is and how there were parallels to her life in her books, which is true of any artist. You begin to see where her childhood light went and what caused the changes in personality when the cracks in such a happy seeming household start to show. Her loving father, is a slave to the bottle and her mother is fighting to keep the family as together as she can.

It all comes to a climax in the scene where the song writers and the script writer, (B.J. Novak, Jason Schwartzman, and Bradley Whitford) are doing the scene in the bank when young Michael is deciding what to do with his tuppence. To invest or feed the birds. Miss Traver has a breakdown as a flashback to her own father doing a speech for the bank at a town fair and is ten sheets to the wind as he too goes on about the importance of investing as the song plays against his words. It culminates in the passing out of her father onto the ground in front of the stage and back at Disney Studios Miss. Travers exploding about how Mr. Banks was not a bad father, not a villain.

We begin to see just how much the story means to her and honestly this is when I began to have to try really hard not to cry, the movie begins to move fast as you see her father has been battling Tuberculosis and her Mother isn't keeping her sanity together.

I will not ruin the whole thing as it truly is a movie that is worth a sit down. Paul Giamatti's role as her driver is a breath of fresh air and he is the one who helps us along on the path to seeing what makes up this amazing woman. I hope that you do give it a shot and see this amazing trip from mind to page to screen as Mary Poppins comes to life truly and this film gives even more insight on the heart that was and continues to be Disney.

If you do take a minute to watch it, please comment and let me know your thoughts, I for one cannot wait to see more films like this. If you do like movies like this than a recommendation I have for you is Finding Neverland. It is another favorite of mine about the author of Peter Pan and how that story found it's life.


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