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You've been warned :)
You've been warned :)

How I Met Your Mother lasted for 9 years, making the story roughly 59 Hours and 40 Minutes long. (Each Season has 22 Episodes, Half Hour of time is used for each Episode and the series is 9 seasons long.) On the show, Ted's story is supposed to be told all in one setting, think of it as if you watched a Binge of the series on Netflix from start to finish all at once. But clearly on the show Ted's Kids grow heavier and even age and change cloths. In reality, the actors aged and the creators did not have the ending planned out with the series first began. So if we go by the series actual time, that means every day, at least 22 days out of the year Ted sits the children down and tells them a story that has nothing to do with him meeting the children's mother.

The evolution of Ted's kids.
The evolution of Ted's kids.

Then at the end of the series it is revealed Ted was actually trying to convince his kids that he really wants to sleep with the kids adopted aunt, Robin. Basically telling his children that their dead mother was his second choice. But instead of sitting there and listening to Ted endless story, he could have sung the children a song and had the same result. Seriously, listen to the song 'Bus Stop' by 'the Hollies'.

The band that inspired 'How I Met Your Mother'
The band that inspired 'How I Met Your Mother'

Think about it, when he finally gets to mentioning the mother, was after the 44th story. (Season 3 Episode 1) The entire story around the mother was around Ted's Yellow Umbrella, even the first mention of the mother was just about the Yellow Umbrella. An Umbrella that passes back and forth from Ted and Tracy (the mother) starting in the third season. (Well the umbrella actually was owned by Tracy first, but Ted got it when she left it at a bar.) During the last episode it is shown how the umbrella passes back and forth. The mother's stories were not even told until the 9th season, or the 176th story.

Where do these two lovers end up meeting, at a bus stop (alright, fine a train stain, but still public transportation). And Ted mentions that the umbrella looks like the one he used to own and the two get into an argument over who owns the umbrella before they decided to share it.

Bus stop, wet day, she's there, I say
Please share my umbrella
Bus stop, bus goes, she stays, love grows
Under my umbrella

Ted, who was going to move to Chicago and start a new job after the wedding of Barney and Robin (a doomed marriage to which the lead up to the nuptials took the entire of season 9 to tell) but he meets this girl who he has a conversation about a shared umbrella and he gives up on his move and stays in town. (New York City)

All that summer we enjoyed it
Wind and rain and shine
That umbrella, we employed it
By August, she was mine
That's the way the whole thing started
Silly but it's true
Thinking' of a sweet romance
Beginning in a queue

Ted and Tracy took a long time to marry, they get married in 2020 [queued for later] but the two fell in love very fast [by August she was mine]. Ted purposed to Tracy in 2014 after only dating for less than a year. The series finale (also the date of Ted's last tale to his kids) accrued on March 31st, 2014 and by the 2015 flash forward they were planning their wedding.

Nice to think that that umbrella
Led me to a vow

The two tell each other their stories, some many times that they consider themselves as 'an old married couple'. But the only constant their stories are the umbrella. Ted even says that the umbrella was the thing that brought them together, he tells his kids this when the umbrella was first mentioned.
Even during the chorus you could point it at the two's relationship.

Other people stared as if we were both quite insane
Someday my name and hers are going to be the same

Ted's friends thought the two were rushing it, then after they waited a long time (even after they have their first child) thought the two should be married. Ted, the man that purposed to every woman he dated fast and wanted to rush to the altar; yet when the 'right one' came along he took forever to finally marry her but it was too late. The two only had four years of marriage before Tracy dies of an illness.

The doomed couple share a moment
The doomed couple share a moment

It might be a little bit of a stretch to say there are exactly the same, but the basic plots are there. The two met at a bus stop, under an umbrella that connects them. But if I were the kids, I would give my dad (Ted) a copy of this song and tell him. "Next time you want to tell that story of how you met mom, sing this song. It's shorter."

Poor kids, Ted was doing borderline child abuse
Poor kids, Ted was doing borderline child abuse

The way the series ended makes me think the show should be renamed.

New Title of the Show
New Title of the Show

Listen to the Song and see if you hear it too.


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