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Finally, The flash will have an opportunity to travel back in time to try and save his mother. But, What will this cause in the future?

I actually don´t know what will change in the series if this happens, but we can see what happened on´Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox´´.

Barry Allen travel´s back in time to dave his mother, but things doesn´t go as he planned, in some way. ´Cause, he looses his powers, the Justice League does not exist (tecnically) and a big and catastrofic war comes between Aquaman and Wonderwoman (Atlantis VS. The Amazons).

The final fight between those two
The final fight between those two

So, then, what will happen in [The Flash](series:1068303)?

There is no Justice League on the series, but there is on the movie- comic. so thing wouldn´t be so damaged as this version of the story.

Now, if you haven´t seen the last episode (or anny other before) then go and do it. Now, las tuesday, we saw that Detective West and Cisco goes back to Barry´s old house and investigates a little more about the crime scene. They discover images in 3D about the Reverse Flash running arround Barry´s Mother. Latter, they discover that there are two speedsters running or fighting between themselves.

Latter that, they discover something else, that is very important to know. Blod on the wall belonging to an adult Barry.

Meaning, of course, Barry gets to run at a speed so fast, just like he did on ´´The Flashpoint paradox´´ he travels back in time, at the moment when the Reverse Flash decides to kill his mother.

Flash is trying to reach enough speed
Flash is trying to reach enough speed

Although we know something important. Barry fails. But now that he knows that, he would try to change it.

Only diference between the movie and the series is that Barry´s mother in the movie is killed by a normal man, but on the series, it´s the other speedster. So in this case, it will be eaven more dificult to stop His mother´s murder.

What will it be?

Will the Flash be fast enough to save his mother?

Will he bring justice to his father?

Will he still be the Flash after saving her?

Are readding this like with a voice of those old TV shows that say ´´stay toon for more episodes on...´´? (Just kidding. Needed to do something like that).

Then, Well, Stay toon for more about this.

what do you think? please, comment.


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