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Here we go guys 14 episodes down with the first season of The Flash. Continuing my reviews for both [The Flash](series:1068303) and Arrow. As always I break things down into the top 5 moments that were most noteworthy in this episode titled "Fallout".

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Here we go let's jump into the top 5 moments!

5. Ronnie & Dr. Stein separate... sorta

We kick off the episode learning that Dr. Wells' device designed to split them actually worked. All seemed perfect with the world allowing both Ronnie and Dr. Stein to go home to their loving ladies.

After weeks of dragging this story out the writers decide to have Firestorm leave to "learn their powers better". Honestly, it felt like an excuse to have him no try to save Barry constantly in the field of battle.

4. Iris is Investigating Star Labs

I've complained numerous times that Iris' story was never really going anywhere. She always felt like just Barry's love interest more than her own character. Well, this week they decide to show she is no idiot.

She knows there's something fishy going on with STAR Labs and Caitlin being tied to the guy on fire (Ronnie). Hopefully, this will actually go somewhere and not just be a story that drops off for her.

3. Joe Tells Barry he can time travel!

Last week, Joe and Cisco discovered that Barry was actually at the scene of the crime of his mother's murder. Not young Barry. An adult Barry was there trying to save his mom! The best part about this is that Joe didn't hide this from Barry.

If you watch [Arrow](series:720988) you know that a lot of the characters have many secrets from other characters. I love that The Flash decides to be different and have Joe tell Barry. The chemistry between Grant Gustin and Jesse L. Martin (Joe West) is truly special.

2. Grodd SPEAKS!

That's right. After seeing just brief glimpses of Grodd over the last few weeks we hear him speak... through mind control actually. The Flash writers are doing a great job about letting Grodd's presence slowly grow.

The Reverse Flash grabs the General and takes him before Grodd. Which makes me wonder are they working together towards something? So many questions and I absolutely love it!

1. Grant Gustin is killing it as Flash/Barry

I haven't mentioned this enough but I really do love Grant Gustin as Barry Allen and the Flash. He brings charm, believability and some sort of heroic innocence. His scenes between Joe discussing his mother's murder were nearly tear-jerking.

The great thing is Grant Gustin is just getting started as The Flash!

I'm sure I'm not the first one to think of this but I believe Grant Gustin could also make a great Spider-Man but THAT'S another article.

What did you guys all think of that episode?


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