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Going to Disneyland as a kid has to be one of the most magical experiences in a kid's life. But for me, it was also a place of mild anxiety. Sure, it's loud, busy, and big, but that was nothing compared to the nervous butterflies I felt while being around the characters. I mean, what if they didn't like me? It was all very stressful.

It seems as if I could have taken some lessons from the courageous five-year-old Parker. Parker recently visited Disney World with his heart on his Mickey Mouse sleeve and proposed to every Disney Princess that he met. He even got one solid "yes!" Watch the video below and feel your heart melt as this tiny Casanova woos his way through Disney World:

Let's check out some of his potential princess brides and then finally, the lady whose heart he won.


Ariel response appropriately by saying she'd probably have to clear it with Prince Eric before agreeing to any marriage proposals from tiny humans.


Elsa is a single lady at the moment, but I imagine she's not really looking for a prince. She's probably pretty preoccupied with ruling Arendelle and all.


With both Gaston and the Beast also vying for Belle's attention, Parker realized that his efforts might be better placed elsewhere.


Parker even had the nerve to ask Jasmine for her hand in marriage right in front of Aladdin. Pretty brave for a five-year-old!

Snow White

It was a pass from Snow, but if only he had noticed that mini Elsa next to her!


Sorry, Parker! Cinderella already has a Prince Charming of her own.


Of course, Rapunzel is pretty smitten with Flynn Rider.

And finally, the bride to be...

Tinker Bell

Sure, she's not technically a princess, but she's certainly part of the Disney family. Seeing as she can fly, it probably wasn't hard sweeping her off her feet.

Congratulations to the newly engaged couple! I think that Tink has just enough spunk and attitude to keep up with an adorable heartbreaker like Parker.

According to his mother Jenny, Parker is convinced that he and Tink are a match made in Disney heaven:

He found a tiny Tinker Bell charm on the ground in Disney and is fully convinced it’s a sign they are meant to be together. He wears it around his neck on a chain every day now. It’s incredibly sweet.

To all the princes out there, take notes from little Parker. Sometimes it's fate, but other times love is just a numbers game!

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