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After receiving so many genuinely chilling comments on my recent article about the chilling things kids say, it only seemed fair to give you readers a chance to terrify us from the darkest corners of childhood.

Below are some of the most spine-chilling tales that I've gleaned from the comments of previous articles, but which one will have you feeling nostalgic for your nightlight?

"I was so scared, I was paralyzed. Couldn't even scream"

Is it any coincidence that this woman's house was build on the site of a former lake?

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"In the film, I saw the same corridor and doorway from my childhood nightmare"

When things you couldn't have possibly seen before seem familiar it's always chilling, especially when it's the site of such an unthinkable atrocity.

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"I stopped talking, turned to my dad and said "I am your mother Grace, and I love you"

How had Grace gotten through to this tiny tot?

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"I watched as he struggled to get on top of the bed and climb on top of my chest"

The feeling of a ghostly presence is a well known symptom of sleep paralysis, but that doesn't make the story below any less creepy.

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"It was dark out and my little sister says look at that girl in the road"

There is clearly something supernatural spanning the generations in the family below...

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"The last thing he remembered was hearing footsteps and seeing a mist coming towards him in the basement. The next thing he remembered was his hands around his friend's throat"

Never going back was probably wise...

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"I never believed him, until he was staying the night at a friends house and I watched one walk out of his room and into a wall..."

Does anyone else find it a little weird that so many children see the 'shadow people?!'

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"No, that's the man at my window with a broken leg"

You'd have chills too if your young son recognized someone special from beyond the grave...

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"We used to call them our future dreams..."

The idea of being able to look into the future used to intrigue me, now I'm not so sure.

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"When I'd turn to face her directly, she wasn't there"

Something tells me that's not really a little girl...

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"Why do all the dead people stare at you?"

Could a child utter a more terrifying line if he/she tried?

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"I used to tell my mum about the man with sticks on his head in the wardrobe"

When they saw the correction in the newspaper, their blood must have run cold.

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"I'm playing with my friends, can't you see them?"

Did they really have to hide in the crawlspace?! Come on ghost children, that's just trolling!

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"He just said so calmly "cut them in the throat" and then fell over asleep"

If you're going to sleepwalk once, you might as well make it memorable!

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"It was protection from the lady with the long, sharp fingernails who scratched my legs"

I think it would take more than a few stuffed animals to protect you from that...

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Share your terrifying experiences in the comments below for a chance to feature in the next article!


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