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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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There are some toys that should never be given to a human being, let alone a child... Now, I know that Chucky was the soul of a deranged killer trapped within a doll, but at least the Good Guy toy was kinda cute to start with!

Check out 10 terrible toys way too creepy for comfort...

1. The Scare Bear

'All the paint chipped off my face, but the blood remains.'

2. The Pregnant Baby

'Please find whoever impregnated me and imprison them.'

3. The Ondine Swimming Doll

'My joints are broken and my tendons have ossified. Send help.'

4. The pubic 'fro doll

'Show me where he touched you.'

5. The Benjamin F***Button

'My nubile, girlish body perfectly offsets my straggly hobo beard, no?'

6. The Dentist Bear

'Don't be afraid, children. Just a hypodermic piercing your gumline and some torturous jaw surgery - then you get a popsicle!'

7. The Crack-in-a-box


8. The Sad Ewoks

'Look. Look above, the dark one descends.'

'I hate these guys.'

9. The TinkerButthole

'Every time you play with me, a fairy suffers a rectal fissure.'

10. The Pervy Banana Army

'Come here, baby. I've got somethin' FRUITY for ya...'

What's the creepiest toy you ever saw?

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