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Disney Parks do an impeccable job creating and maintaining an illusion of magic. All of them have created numerous strategies and innovations to ensure that every adult and child is fully immersed in the world of Disney. Cast members are expected to stay in character whenever they could possibly be seen by a guest, and they face harsh consequences for breaking this fundamental rule.

However, even Disney characters aren't ALWAYS perfect. While it's extremely difficult to find examples of slip-ups (as it should be), here are some behind the scenes examples of the backstage life at Disney parks, ranging from the salacious to the horrifying.

1. Minnie Mouse's sex scandal

At Disneyland Paris, some of the cast members got a little extra rowdy and started passing around Minnie to recreate different sex positions. Needless to say, Disney dealt with these people immediately (I highly doubt any of them still work there.

2. The clouds in the Peter Pan ride are trash bags

The illusion is shattered, but, on the plus side, clean up will be a breeze in the event of a spill.

3. Horrifying human heads

It's not often you can see a picture of a costumed Disney cast member without their heads on, but here we are! I know it's small, but you can clearly make out a terrifying Donald and Goofy with human heads.

4. And here's all the costume heads!

This is Disney's answer to the French Revolution. Heads rolling everywhere, destroying the memory of some of your childhood faves.

5. Little Leota without any effects

Pretty freaky, sis. Definitely didn't think that I would prefer your ghostly, illuminated self, but Leona without a face is gonna haunt my dreams.

6. Well, I guess he did like mermaids

Here's the picture that Brendan Pinto, the popular Captain Jack Sparrow impersonator, REALLY did not want his bosses to discover. While Disney cast members are permitted to date each other, a picture like this would certainly not be approved as it shows two different universes colliding.

7. Beautiful...hand?

Before one of the animatronics was offered her skin on the Pirates of the Caribbean, she looked like a true abject horror. I'm just seeing a steampunk C-3PO with murder in her eyes (and I don't hate it).

8. Giddy up, cowgirl

I don't think Buzz would be too happy about Woody moving in on his cowgirl, but they certainly look like they're having a good time! Even though it looks like they're in some kind of abandoned warehouse...

Again, my overwhelming thought is "Poor Bo Peep."

I now want to find a creative way to see these things occur in real life, but I think I may have to apply to be a Disney cast member for that.

Did any of these behind the scenes pictures (Disney Parks After Darks, perhaps?) really shock you?


Do you get a kick out of seeing another side of Disney?


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