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If a mere 125 minutes weren't enough to satisfy your Christian Grey cravings, fear not!

Jamie Dornan has been whipping up smoking hot modeling campaigns for years now, so eyebrow-raising pictures of him in his undies aren't in short supply.

I've done the hard work so you don't have to and here are the most sizzling images of Mr. Grey on the web that you can see now. You're welcome.

10. Back for More Already, Are You?

Can you really blame us with that look in your eyes?

9. The World's Most Erotic Sleeve Roll

Is anyone else being caressed by thousands of butterflies right now, or is that just me?

8. Sizzling Sensitivity

Me too Jamie, but I have a feeling that you would run away if I told you what it was...

7. Shower Time at the Zoo

Stampede to the viewing window, NOW!

6. Simply Tongue Tied...

Should this be so arousing?

5. Fire All the Other Models Immediately

We will only be needing this one in future.

4. Parallel Universe Mr. Grey, Is That You?!

Remember that time Jamie Dornan foreshadowed his career as Mr. Grey? Even if you don't, I doubt you will be forgetting it now.

3. South Korean Delicacy

Who knew that sopping wet Jamie Dornan was a delicacy in East Asia? I salute that sensitive palette.

2 . Jamie Dornan Eating Himself as Christian Grey... As a Cake

Has cannibalism ever been so sexy? And from the look on his face, you know those abs are just as tasty as you'd always imagined they'd be!

1. Not Quite Enough Shades of Grey...

Just a little further down...

(Source: Buzzfeed and Glamour)


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