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Like many others, I have profoundly fond memories of my time with Pokemon. Whether it was fighting over the best shiny cards in the school playground, racking up hundreds of hours on the GameBoy games, or watching the surprisingly good cartoon series on Saturday afternoons - they were good times.

But if there's one thing I least associate Pokemon with, it's sex appeal (asking girls if they want to see my Pokeballs has never worked well in the past). However, thanks to some exceptionally talented cosplayers, we can now glimpse into the adult world of Pokemon...


This striking interpretation of Articuno works wonderfully!

[Source: diana-ookami-chan]


Magikarp's vicious evolution likes long walks on the beach and lazy Sundays.

[Source: Hailey S Cosplay]


This fiery take on Charizard is unparalleled!

[Source: Jessica Nigri]


Where do I get one of those hoods?

[Source: Jessica Nigri]


I don't know how long I spent trying to catch this darn legendary Pokemon in Silver!

[Source: Rising Moon Cosplay]


This outfit is truly electrifying...


Magikarp has just gone from my most hated Pokemon to my favorite!

[Source: A Lost Cause Play]


What a great cosplay - the glitter Pokeball is the cherry on top!

[Source: Ireland Reid]


An understated and tasteful impression of Raichu at its finest.

[Source: RyuuLavitz]


Amazing! I certainly wouldn't want to be stung by that...

[Source: Vera Baby]

Plusle and Minun

This Poke-loving duo have gone all out here - I especially love the knee-high feather boots.

[Source: Kasea and Kristy]


The cuddly sheep Pokemon has never looked so cosy.

[Source: Shion Cosplays]


There are no words...

[Via: @bernieabrea]


Which is your favorite cosplay?

[Source: Dorkly]


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