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Some of the creepiest, weirdest, and most out right terrifying moments ever captured on film are from the earlier, 'classic' days of cinema. Scenes like the infamous "shower scene" in Hitchcock's Psycho, and THAT cemetery scene in the original Night of the Living Dead still have us running for cover.

Old school horror movies truly are a gold mine for bizarre and scary goodness - though I'm not too sure why. Maybe it's the lack of vivid color that tinges every shot with a unique darkness, maybe it's the overbearing soundtracks that are habitually ramped up whenever a knife comes into sight.

Whatever it is - it doesn't just pervade cinema. These vintage photographs, most of which have yet to be explained, have the same effect. Found decades after they were taken and uploaded to the internet, they're all truly disturbing.

Here are 10 vintage images that will make your skin crawl!

1. The Haunted Wall

The top half of this ghoulish young girl looks your average sheeted ghost, but the bottom half is much more sinister: has she merged with the wall?

2. The Swing

Would you play on this swing? No chance.

3. The Scarecrow

I can only hope this is an elaborately made scarecrow, rather than a decomposing human body.

4. A Time Forgotten

A ghost? Or camera accident? Either way it's one creepy photo!

5. The Demon

I sincerely hope this guy wasn't a children's entertainer. Imagine this thing turning up at your party!


The infamous shower scene in Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho is the ultimate in classic creepiness. Those distorted high-pitched screams, those blood-curdling sound effects, the overbearing score: this hazy nightmare of a scene has it all. Watch below.

6. Evil Twins

Nothing to see here, just two friendly neighbors having a chit-chat on their porch.

7. A Graveyard of Frozen Animals

How on earth did this happen? It looks like they were all frozen in time. So sad.

8. Abandoned Children

I think these unruly children got lost in the woods one day and never came back.

9. The Punk Clown

This terrifying clown could easily pass for a member of a late '70s punk band.

10. The Post-Apocalypse

I have no idea what's going on this photo. I don't think I want to know, either.

What did you think?

What's the creepiest image you've ever seen? Let me know in the comments below.


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