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For a long time, it looked as though our dreams of seeing an actual, factual Deadpool movie - starring Ryan Reynolds - were never going to be realized.

And then, last year, the announcement finally came - and since then the good news has kept on coming. Not only are we going to be seeing a Deadpool movie, starring Ryan Reynolds, but from the sounds of it - and the looks of that leaked video - it could be awesomely faithful to the original comic-book character.

It was even (leaked copies of the script revealed) set to feature some pretty awesome cameos from X-Men characters we already know and love - including Colossus, as played in the X-Movies by Daniel Cudmore.

One of those dreams, though, seems to be about to die, sadly - since from the sounds of it...

Daniel Cudmore's Colossus Won't Be in Deadpool

"Hello, Tovarisch."
"Hello, Tovarisch."

Yup, that's right - as the actor himself put it on Twitter:

Which, for fans of Cudmore's portrayal of the fan-favorite character - better known to his friends as Piotr Rasputin - is seriously bad news.

On the plus side, though:

It Doesn't Mean We Won't See Colossus in Deadpool

After all, there's been no indication thus far that the character won't be appearing, just that Cudmore won't be playing him.

And, for fans of the comic-books' heavily-Russian-accented version of the character, that might just spell a pretty substantial silver lining. After all, if the character is indeed re-cast, he may well end up being a whole lot closer to the original character everyone loves so much.

Here, then, are three possible casting options for a new Colossus:

If You Want a Russian with Heart...Try Danila Kozlovsky

He's young, he's tall, he's got the acting chops - and he's actually Russian. What's more, Kozlovsky actually looks a heck of a lot like Piotr Rasputin as he appears in the comics...

Honestly, I'd be pretty much down with this being the way they go, but just in case...

If You Want a Russian Tough Guy...Try Fedor Emelianenko

Now, sure, the results of hiring pro wrestlers and MMA fighters for superhero films have been mixed - for every Dave Bautista there's been at least one Tyler Mane - but there aren't too many 'tough guy' Russians more legendary than MMA's Emelianenko. I mean, sure, he's retired now - and a politician in his native Russia, closely tied to Vladimir Putin - so it'd be a controversial choice. On the plus side, though, Ryan Reynolds would have a ball making Putin jokes...

If You Want a Legend...Try Arnold Schwarzenegger

Image: Alex Tuis
Image: Alex Tuis

Now, admittedly, he's way too old for the part, not Russian, and probably completely disinterested in doing a Marvel movie.

But even so, how cool is that fan art by Alex Tuis?

What do you think, though? Who'd be the perfect on-screen Colossus? Do you even think he'll appear in Deadpool at all? Are there other heroes you think we'll see instead?

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