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Yes, there are some possible SPOILERS to Batman v Superman below, be warned.

There's definitely going to be a government presence in [Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870). Man of Steel set up a few of these players already and we know Harry Lennix will be back as General Swanwick, Holly Hunter has been cast as a US Senator and the death of the US President has been reported to be playing a factor in the movie's plot.

Will Superman be a pawn for the US government?
Will Superman be a pawn for the US government?

Will the government be playing the same kind of role it did in one of the movie's inspirations, The Dark Knight Returns? In Frank Miller's landmark comic book, the government is more or less responsible for sending Superman to Gotham to take down the rouge Batman.

DC's Own Civil War?

Will the movie be playing a version of Marvel's Civil War by casting Superman in the Iron Man role and putting Batman in Captain America's shoes? There's a definite sense that this is where things are headed as there are even rumors that the creation of the Justice League at the end of Batman vs Superman will be blessed by the US government.

Is the Justice League the End of Vigilante Batman?

I can somewhat buy this rumor as it does seem to line up with a lot of other things that have come out even though it does change Batman in a significant way - but can the Justice League really happen any other way? Does Batman need to cease being a vigilante to join the Justice League?

Batman to be a vigilante no longer?
Batman to be a vigilante no longer?

In Marvel's Civil War storyline there is an event that causes so much destruction and death that the government steps in and requires that all superhuman's become registered and more or less work for the government. The destruction caused by Zod's World Engine and the ensuing fight between him and Superman is certainly something that could cause more than one US senator to step up and call for some oversight and regulation and point to both Superman and Batman as the two biggest known quantities.

Lex Luthor to be working for the US government?
Lex Luthor to be working for the US government?

There's been some talk from legitimate sources that Lex Luthor may even be up to some metahuman tracking - keeping an eye on the kinds of people that the government may want under their thumb... Say, your Aquaman and Wonder Woman, for example.

Taking into account the events of [Man of Steel](movie:15593) and that Superman has been spotted at a funeral, mourning the loss of a fallen president, his feeling of debt to the US government could be strong enough that he does end up fighting Batman on their behalf, so to speak.

Zod, likely to rise from the dead in Doomsday form.
Zod, likely to rise from the dead in Doomsday form.

But then comes the issue of a rampaging Doomsday to unite the two of them with [Wonder Woman](movie:45787) and when DC's Trinity defeats the monster, the government drops its case against Batman and realises the importance something like the Justice League could have on world security. Cue the collecting of [Aquaman](movie:264237) and Cyborg, a teasing moment about Green Lantern and roll credits.

What do you think? Is it just me or does all of this sound highly likely, and in a way makes Batman vs Superman a relevant version of [Marvel](channel:932254)'s Civil War that DC can use to practically beat them to the punch.


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