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Again, I will review the movie biopic. This time is about a man named John Nash, the genius mathematician and has made a scientific work that is still used by us. This movie starring Noah and his wife A.K.A Russell Crowe and Jennifer Connelly

Synopsis: John Nash was a mathematician, but a little arrogant. He is genius and at the peak of his career. He is a professor and highly respected by students and other colleagues. He met with a student named Alicia and became his wife. But unexpectedly turned out he was suffering from mental illness.

The film was one of the great biopic and won 4 awards on Academy Awards. 2 of them are best picture and best supporting actress for Jennifer Connelly. At the beginning of the film we are told the character of John Nash arrogant but very genius and always think before do something. We were also seen the relationship of John and Alicia. The best part is when we know John has a mental illness. Although when compared to the original story there are differences such as John and Alicia have been divorced and remarried, then before John met Alicia turns out that John had a child with his girlfriend who was a nurse, the film is worth to

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