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To be honest I am interested in watching movies because there is Emma Stone (acknowledgment from the heart). I am a big fan of Emma Stone.

Synopsis: Around 1920, a magician named Stanley (Colin Firth) invited her to visit a psychic named Sophie (Emma Stone). Stanley was very logical and even doesn’t believe in God. He is trying to prove that Sophie is just fake paranormal.

Such typical Woody Allen’s movie, the movie is almost full of dialogue and a little bit action. Don’t expect a lot of action like magician movie Now You See Me. The film is filled with a lot of dialogue and should be listened to as well as possible because it affects the way the story. In addition, we are presented with a view of France and once again, a typical Woody Allen, full of pastel colors. The love story of Sophie and Stanley was also very nice but for the climax is very less and almost imperceptibly. Completion at the end of the story seem to rush and too 'simple'. Overall, this movie really quite fun.

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