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It was way back in 2004 when now cult-classic Lost hit the scene and confused all of us. It had a brilliant pilot episode, in which things were a bit hazy and unclear after Oceanic 815 appeared to have crashed on a weird island that we would soon learn so much more about. We didn't yet know the complex backstories of Jack, John Locke, Sawyer, Sayid and the rest of the crew. All we knew was that there were like... polar bears... on a tropical island. And we knew that things were probably going to get even crazier.

The wild ride went along for six great years, often with more and more complex and mysterious aspects being thrown at us. Lost sparked a bunch of follow-up shows that tried to mimic it's success and failed. There will, unequivocally, never be a show that had us gripped like Lost.

So, now that it's been 11 years, how has the cast changed? Where are they now?

Jack Shephard, played by Matthew Fox

I still vividly remember the pilot episode, and Jack opening his eyes to the first realization that he was on The Island. He becomes the natural leader of the group due to his crafty nature - he was a surgeon - and his love-triangle with Sawyer and Kate kicks off in the first season and lasts much longer than that.

He'll always be Jack Shephard to me but recently, he played a psycho killer in Alex Cross and a parajumper in [World War Z](movie:12855). He's 48 years old and lives in Los Angeles with his wife Margherita Ronchi and their two children.

John Locke, played by Terry O'Quinn

John Locke was the semi-creepy guy who magically regained the ability to use his legs after the crash. He then proceeded to be the happiest person on The Island, often to the dismay of his fellow Oceanic 815 flight passengers. He killed this role and became (to me) both annoying and amazing as John Locke.

He nailed this role so much that he picked up a few TV roles, some of which were vaguely supernatural related as well. He was on 666 Park Avenue, Gang Related, Hawaii Five-0, and Full Circle. He's 62 years old and married to Lori O'Quinn - the two have 2 children.

Hugo "Hurley" Reyes, played by Jorge Garcia

Hugo was the lottery-winning, epically cursed, only-person-who-was-able-to-stay-fat-on-The-Island (We later found out he had a secret stash of candy). Hugo, aka Hurley, was the kindest and gentlest giant the show had in its cast, but he was also the most unlucky - even though ironically it was the "luck" of winning the Lotto that eventually cursed his fate.

He's stayed active as an actor and most currently plays Jerry Ortega in [Hawaii Five-O](series:722495). He also had a role in the show Alcatraz. He's had a really solid career and has a lot of projects in the works as well.

Kate Austen, played by Evangeline Lilly

Kate was Jack's boo-thang, to some extent. She also fell victim to the bad boy thing that Sawyer had going on. She was always looking kind of sweaty/dirty, but she managed to be fashionable and sexy as well. The Derelicte fashion line comes to mind here.

Evangeline Lilly, the actor who played this part, still looks great! She is set to star in [Ant-Man](movie:9048) alongside Paul Rudd. She also played Tauriel in [The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug](movie:512310) and [The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies](movie:512312). So clearly, she's had a busy and successful career after Lost.

James "Sawyer" Ford, played by Josh Holloway

I've already mentioned Sawyer before, but he's essentially the likable bad boy that everybody knew was probably better at sex than Jack. He was a chill, kind of selfish, guy who was inherently good. It was just that he didn't seem to care as much as Jack about figuring out what happened and taking the necessary steps towards salvation.

Most recently (and topical) is that Josh Holloway, who plays Sawyer, is teaming back up with Carlton Cuse (a Lost producer and writer) for [Colony](series:2148364). It is set in Los Angeles in the very near future when the city is in a state of occupation. Holloway plays a former FBI agent who is forced to collaborate with the occupying government to fight the growing resistance movement in the city.

Sayid Jarrah, played by Naveen Andrews

Including Sayid in the show was fairly groundbreaking, especially since he was playing a heroic and sexualized Muslim character. This is all too rare in Hollywood, and they did it during a time that some Americans felt antagonizing views towards the religious group. Personally, he was one of my favorite characters and his storyline gets really good.

Naveen Andrews, who played Sayid, was most recently in [Once Upon a Time in Wonderland](series:912450) as Jafar and is currently on the TV series [Sense8](series:904739). He's 46 years old and has two children.


Now, I know there were more characters, but those were the six that stood out to me most. It really was an astounding job of casting and everyone was great!


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