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One of the main reasons I love [Mad Men](series:200778) so much is that every single character serves a purpose. Each of the now iconic cast members advances the plot, delivers impactful lines of dialogue, and generally fits with the tone of the series. Off the bat, it was clear that there would be powerful women on this show - even if the mid-20th century time period made it difficult for that to be the case.

The most prominent example, in my opinion, is Peggy Olson (played by Elisabeth Moss). Don takes Peggy under his wing for sure, but she mostly breaks into the male-dominated advertising industry due to her sheer determination and ability to work the system.

Joan Holloway (played by Christina Hendricks) has her own unique journey through the sometimes unfriendly confines of the ad world. She makes her way all the way up to a literal seat at the table at SC&P, dealing with her fair share of emotional abuse along the way.

Betty Draper (played by January Jones) and Megan Draper (played by Jessica Paré) both had to deal with Don on the most personal and intimate level - as his wife - obviously, not an easy thing to do. Although it maybe appeared that they would roll over for Don, both prove to be strong capable women.

All four of these gorgeous ladies took part in a snazzy photo shoot for Entertainment Weekly, wearing dresses from the time.

A truly fierce foursome

This is legitimately desktop wallpaper material right here. All four look great!

The Mad Women

Now we have a shot of just Peggy and Joan - the two ad gals. Their relationship has always been intriguing, since both dealt with overt sexism together in two very different ways. I would say Joan plays up her sexuality while Peggy attempts to suppress it.

And there's a bonus glamour shot of Joan too

As a final word, I wanted to say... if you've never seen this show, a) get it together and b) it's on Netflix. There's no excuse! You won't be disappointed.


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