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If you've ever wanted to be patched into Sons of Anarchy, now's your chance to be a SAMCRO prospect!

The long awaited Sons of Anarchy iOS game, The Prospect, offers a ten-episode interactive story, allowing you to see if you've got what it takes as a new recruit.

I think it sounds pretty cool, but don't take my word for it; here's show creator Kurt Sutter's take on the game for EW:

My mandate was two-fold: One was that it was driven by story and character…that it wasn’t just a hop-on-a-bike-and-shoot-somebody-in-the-face-and-ride-away game. And that whatever we did, it didn’t contradict existing mythology or lead to a path of mythology that might somehow impact things we may want to do with novels or potentially the prequel at some point. Those were my two big creative demands.
Then I put one of my writers, Roberto Patino, on it and he became the point person for Orpheus [the game’s developer], writing dialogue and steering them through narrative. I would get story points of where it was going, and then either tweak or sign off on those.

Convinced? OK, check out the game trailer:

One thing that really worked for another violent TV show video game adaptation was the idea of the moral dilemma - The Walking Dead avoided becoming yet another zombie shoot-em-up with its heady mix of bloody action and personal ethics - and this is something Sutter is keen on preserving for The Prospect:

I think even though the characters aren’t necessarily familiar, there is a sense of, “Oh yeah, this is the show, this is the world, these are the decisions these guys have to make.” The decisions you make in the first episode, although they inform the process in terms of the decisions you make and the type of game you play, are ultimately thematically what happens on the show.
All those themes of right and wrong and the choices…“Wow, am I really going to do this?, Can I live with myself?, At what point does my sense of morality become more important than my dedication to the club?”… I think are hand-in-hand with what we did on the show.

Wicked! Also, Tig is rumored to make an appearance, so that's my favorite character popping up right there.

Will you guys be playing the Sons of Anarchy game?

Source: Youtube, EW


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