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Now that we are aware of the impending Guardians of the Galaxy animated series, which was announced at last year's San Diego Comic-Con, Disney have continued frothing our excitement via their Twitter page, teasing us with more teeny-tiny nuggets of information.

The latest news being, the series has found itself a couple of actors to play Groot and Rocket Raccoon! Yes, Vin Diesel won't be alone in breathing life into the insanely cute sentient tree like being as Kevin Michael Richardson will be taking over vocal duty for the series.

This won't be the first time Richardson has portrayed supercharacters in an animated series, you may recognize his voice from Wolverine & the X-Men where he played Cable, Nick Fury in Super Hero Squad, Trigon on Teen Titans and The Joker in The Batman.

And Bradley Cooper will be left to wow theater goers in The Elephant Man as Trevor Devall will take on the now iconic role of Rocket Raccoon for the second time.

Devall also has a great array of work under his belt. He's played Pyro in X-Men Evolution, Dukey in Cartoon Network's Johnny Test, Ikaris in Marvel's Eternals motion comic and Rocket Raccoon in Ultimate Spider-Man.

Whilst other information about the series is still pressed closely to the chest of an overly protective Drax The Destroyer, Jeph Loeb, Marvel TV overlord, revealed some test footage and a tasty little poster for the series at New York Comic-Con, which you will be able to view with your very own eyes if you scroll downwards!

Guardians Of The Galaxy Poster!

They've really captured the cheeky and absolutely insane energy of James Gunn's adventure in this poster!

image via EW

Test Footage!

It is a work in progress, but it's still pretty awesome!

The show is billed to air this year on Disney XD, will you be there to greet it?


Excited for the animated series?

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