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Despite barely being mentioned in five entire season of The Vampire Diaries, Damon and Stefan's mom has been a much discussed topic on the fandoms lips this week.

Both Stefan and Damon have bought her up in the last two episodes, and now the fact that neither brother got to saw her when she was sick or attended the funeral seems to have hidden significance.

For example, when Stefan was speaking to Caroline about his deceased mom in Prayer For the Dying he mentioned how he did not really see her when she was dying and arranged her favorite flowers to feel close to her. Then, in the next episode, Damon mentions that he did not go to his mother's funeral and that he still remembers her every year.

Damon will be at Sheriff Forbes' funeral, unlike his own mom's
Damon will be at Sheriff Forbes' funeral, unlike his own mom's

Surely, there has to a plot reason for these two telling mentions to come up at this time in season six? But, if their mother really is a secret vampire (or witch!), who could be stepping into her formidable shoes?

Theories originating on Reddit claim that the new character named Lily, played by Annie Wersching, could be the Salvatore brother's mother, and they have some evidence to back this up.

Annie Wersching is very active on Twitter and she seems to have been dropping some sneaky little hints about who she might be playing in Mystic Falls. For example this reference below certainly seems familiar:

While Wersching does have two sons in real life, this really does seem like it could be a hint at the Salvatore brothers...

Wersching also replied to this tweet that labelled her as 'Salvatore's mother' on 10 February this year:

There are also some telling hints on Wersching's Twitter account about just how much time she has been spending with Ian on set:

Surely Elena wouldn't be impressed with this unless there was a very good reason for the pair to be having so much one-to-one time?

I'm not entirely sold on the theory that Lily will be the Salvatore's mom, but I'm sure this isn't the last we will hear about mama Salvatore. Those hints have to be leading somewhere, they always are...


Do you think Lily could be the Salvatore brother's mom?

(Source: Reddit)


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