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A Japanese toy company is putting forward the best reason to own an iPhone 6 I've heard yet: time travel.

Well, not actual time travel...obviously - but the next best thing! Show off your geeky love for Robert Zemeckis' classic '80s franchise, Back to the Future, with your very own DeLorean themed iPhone case. Check this bad boy out!

Where we're going, we don't need signal

The epic case has a multitude of features that are sure to come in handy on your journey towards 88 miles per hour. The iconic car's hood handily pops open to reveal your phone's hidden back camera, while the side panels provide access to volume controls and sleep switch.

Great Scott - LED lights!

Being a replica of the real car, this awesome piece of geek loot even sports working headlights, handily lighting up whenever you're being called!

And at 5,940 yen (a little under $50), the DeLorean case is a steal. It won't be available to buy until June, but you can pre-order HERE if you're having trouble jumping forward in time.

Not to worry if Back to the Future isn't your thing, the same company also produces a replica of the Dark Knight's infamous vehicle...

The Batmobile!

Whoa, imagine whipping that thing out whenever someone asks for your number! Now I can't decide which one to go for...


Which case would you opt for?


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