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Who likes watching Family Guy, American Dad, and Cleveland Show? You must be watched Ted also. Seth Macfarlane, creator of our favorite series, this time he will play as himself in his films and not just his voice. The movie set in the cowboy era.

Synopsis: A coward shepherd (Seth Macfarlane), and very unlucky loser left by his girlfriend (Amanda Seyfried). In the middle his sadness, he met a beautiful girl and hot named Ana (Charlize Theron) who turns out that she have a relationship with bandits named Clinch Leatherwood (Lian Neeson).

Actually, this movie is actually not really bad. Seriously. For the people who like watch Family Guy or American Dad they must be familiar for Setah Macfarlane’s humour.
Anyway, Some scenes can make us “WHAT THE HELL ??” such as wolf dragged rich governor. In addition, some of the scenes many refer to other films like Neil Patrick Harris character say "Challenge Accepted" it reminds us of the series How I Met Your Mother. The name of Clinch Leatherwood referring to the legendary actor, Clint Eastwood who often portrayed a cowboy. Many other cameos from celebrities like Ryan Reynolds and Ewan McGregor. Basically for who want to watch pure comedy and non-complicated stories, it really matched for you

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