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Fans of the nightmarish Aussie horror-fest Wolf Creek will be ecstatic to learn that the Outback-set franchise is back, but not in the format you'd expect.

The sadistic slack-jawed torturer Mick Taylor will be slashing knives and swinging axes in a terrifying six-part mini-series set to tramatize audiences all over again. The series will debut on the Australian video on demand service Stan, and early signs indicate that horror fans have a lot to look forward to.

I've Lost the Plot

For those of you who've forgotten, Wolf Creek tells a story based on unfathomable true events, following three backpackers and their gory ordeal facing a seemingly friendly serial killer, who's actually intent on inflicting the maximum possible pain on all his unfortunate victims.

A sequel, released in 2013, followed a similar plot, with the series' antagonist Mick Taylor still on the loose. The hotly anticipated upcoming series is said to pick up right where Wolf Creek 2 left off, but I guess we'll just have to wait a little longer to see just what kind of horrifying treats we're in for this time round!

The Same Deeply Disturbed Gang Are Back

Of course, John Jarratt will return to reprise his role as the memorable (in all the wrong ways) villain Mick Taylor. Plus, you can be sure that the original source material will be done justice, as director of the first two movies, Greg McLean, is back in the saddle.

McLean said:

Wolf Creek and the character of Mick Taylor have become household names, and the opportunity to tell a rich and complex story in his world in a high-quality drama series is a thrilling creative opportunity.

I for one cannot wait! Also, I may be cancelling my backpacking trip round Australia now...


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